Extra virgin olive oil 1L

Extra virgin olive oil 1L


This natural pure first-class olive oil comes from the Mavroudis family from Corfu. Extra virgin, cold-pressed and processed with great care!

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Extra virgin olive oil 1L

Extra virgin olive oil 1L. This natural pure first-class extra virgin olive oil comes from the Mavroudis family from Corfu.
Medium in taste, extra virgin, cold-pressed and processed with great care from high-quality olives purely mechanically, the acidity is only 0.1 to 0.5%. Ideal for serving salads, for cooking and roasting.

In the typical traditional “tin container” – an eye-catcher in every kitchen.

Mavroudis olive oil products…

  • Gluten free
  • Sugar free
  • Maufactured and bottled in a nut free area
  • All containers are recycable

Note: Below a temperature of 6 ° C, olive oil flakes easily and becomes clear again at room temperature without any loss of quality.

The main concept for our package design was to incorporate the design and feel of a ‘country’ styled theme
into an advanced packaging material that was used to ensure the products quality.
For this design we used a slightly different approach than the usual, our main matter of inspiration was
the traditional baskets that the locals used to collect the fruits and herbs into, also we wanted to highlight
the tense and freshness of the products and in order to achieve that we highlighted the olives by
bringing them to the front of the pacage.


Name: Extra virgin olive oil of the
first grade – obtained directly from olives using only mechanical processes
Nominal quantity: 1000ml Storage

conditions: Store cool and protected from light.

Food business: SE Mavroudis Bros Co. / 49084 Moraitika / Corfu – Greece Country of origin: Greece

Nutritional information per 100ml
energy 824 kcal / 3389 kJ
fat 91.6g of
which saturated fatty acids 12.8g
carbohydrates 0g of
which sugar 0g
Protein 0g
salt 0g

Quallity Facts

Acidity <0,5%
Peroxide value:<20mEqO/Kg
K270: <0.22
K232: <2.50
ΔΚ/DK: <0.01

Additional information
Weight 1300 g

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