Extra virgin olive oil 250ml Square

Early Harvest Extra virgin olive oil 250ml


OPPORTUNITY to order from our limited production …EARLY HARVEST.. olive oil is also called “AGOURELO” .High level of oleocanthal and oleacein.

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Extra virgin olive oil 250ml

A  little about EARLY HARVEST olive oil

   “EARLY HARVEST ” olive oil is also called “AGOURELEO” in  Greek or colloquially “unripe”

 Early Harvest olive oil has remarkable organoleptic characteristics as well as exceptional nutritional attributes .
 This early olive oil has a limited production since its produced from the unripe olives that need to be painstakingly hand picked from the tree.



—  There is a positive correlation of a high level of oleocanthal and oleacein in olive oils with the early time of harvest.

  Oleocanthal has anti-inflammatory effect similar to Ibuprofen and Oleacein is a powerful antioxidant. Oleacein is a derivative of oleuropein and the most powerful antioxidant constituent of olive oil. Oleocanthal is said to have potential to inhibit tumor growth, and to offer protection against Alzheimer’s disease among other benefits. It is responsible for the pungency that comes from unripe olives in fresh olive oil and that irritates the throat. Chronic exposure to low doses of anti-inflammatory agents like oleocanthal offers protection against cardiovascular diseases and aging.
    Furthermore, when olives are picked early in the season, they tend to produce a green-colorer oil as they have higher levels of chlorophyll. Since Agoureleo enjoys a high polyphenol as well as a higher chlorophyll content, it appeals to demanding foreign markets for both pharmaceutical use as well as an ingredient to gourmet restaurants all around the world.

In the typical traditional NEW Design “tin square container” – an eye-catcher in every kitchen.

Mavroudis olive oil products…

  • Gluten free
  • Sugar free
  • Maufactured and bottled in a nut free area
  • All containers are recycable


-Below a temperature of 6 ° C, olive oil flakes easily and becomes clear again at room temperature without any loss of quality.

-The Early Harvest olive oil can be cloudy

In the typical tin container , protecting the product from harmful sunlight ,and an eye catcher for the kitchen .


Name:Extra virgin olive oil 250ml
first grade – obtained directly from olives using only mechanical processes
Nominal quantity: 250ml Storage

conditions: Store cool and protected from light.

Food business: SE Mavroudis Bros Co. / 49084 Moraitika / Corfu – Greece Country of origin: Greece

Nutritional information per 100ml
energy 824 kcal / 3389 kJ
fat 91.6g of
which saturated fatty acids 12.8g
carbohydrates 0g of
which sugar 0g
Protein 0g
salt 0g

Quallity Facts

Acidity <0,5%
Peroxide value:<20mEqO/Kg
K270: <0.22
K232: <2.50
ΔΚ/DK: <0.01

Additional information
Weight 450 g

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