Mavroudis olive oil... A very long tradition of producing Premium High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil..

Mavroudis is the surname of our family, a family of olive producers who live in Corfu Greece . As far back as memory goes, from grandfather ,to father, to son. Olives and olive oil have been our passion ,our life and backbone of our family .As time advanced along with the generations we have steadily increased and cultivated the olive groves ,we are now proud owners of over 2000 olive trees thriving in numerous olive groves in the southern area of Corfu .A large proportion of these groves are made up of the ” Lianolia Kerkyra “olive tree , a variety native to Corfu , some of which are over 700 years old . Other varieties that belong to the family include the Koroneiki,these olive trees have been planted more recently and produce an olive oil with an intense green colour , fruity grassy flavour and distinctive aroma , rich in precious organoleptic substances,vitamins and low acidity.

Focus on Quality

Our family wanted to maintain the high quality olive oil produced by their olives,and knowing that the pressing process is a highly important factor in producing a premium high quality extra virgin olive oil.Therefor in 1992 they developed and constructed their own olive mill.
Our olive mill processes the olives in a cold press ,first press process. simply crushing the fresh healthy olives and extracting their juice . This olive juice `- is the highest grade olive oil , containing high amounts of natural antioxidants,polyphenols , Vitamin E ,healthy fats and many more benefitial elements.

More recently we established a bottling plant , bottling and packaging their produce , so  maintaining the high  quality  of their  extra virgin olive oil  after its production in the mill, the correct storing and bottling of the oil  is essential in  maintaining its freshness and its  high quality .

Mavroudis olive harvest and olive oil pressing